7.25.15 Rock Climbing

Last weekend, Ricky and I went rock climbing in the canyon. As it turns out, there are rock climbing spots all over, with set-ups already in place. It was a bit of a hike up to the spot we went on Saturday, but not too bad. I didn’t want to try it out yet, but Ricky was excited to try it for the first time. I thought he did really well.

Ricky was pretty happy with his first attempt
Ricky was pretty happy with his first attempt

The canyon is just exceptionally gorgeous, so I was just excited to head up and capture the event… and the scenery of course.

View from our climbing spot
View from our climbing spot
Ricky's first climb
Ricky’s first climb

On his first climb, he got up about 15 feet before giving up, but he quickly became more comfortable and got more adventurous. It helped having a friend who does this on a regular basis there cheering him on.

Testing out the ropes
Testing out the ropes

Getting ready for his second climb, he questioned the integrity of the ropes. His friend told him the ropes have enough strength to lift a truck – so of course, he wanted to test it out first because he was going for it this time!

Finger tip pull ups
Finger tip pull ups

He was told to rely on leg muscles to push up the cliff, rather than focus on upper arm strength, since you’ll get worn out really quickly that way. Obviously, he chose to find out anyway – upper body strength is obviously his forte, since he managed to do a pull-up with only a finger-tip grip!

IMG_6734All in all, it was definitely a great experience and awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We will be doing this again! And I plan on joining in next time.IMG_6751IMG_6757IMG_6787IMG_6799 IMG_6812


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