First Post / Test Post – Dirt Biking in Nevada

So! Welcome to all of the amazing (potentially invisible?) readers to my random shit blog. As an introduction, I am a 24-year-old chemical engineer who lives in Northeastern Nevada with my wonderful (new!) husband and three adorable step-children. My husband and I both work for the gold mines and my creative outlets include photography, strange make-up, and clothing. Until now, the farthest my photography makes it is to my Facebook page, but it’s so hard to tell a story that way, so I thought I’d try out some photography blogging. I’ve never done this before, so I guess I’ll see how far I get before I just quit doing it.

The purpose of this post is to get an idea of how the layoutslook on this website, and see how best to use it.

The photos I’m using here were taken back in January 2014 on a dirt biking outing.

My amazing husband.
My amazing husband.

I was riding a dual-sport enduro, and am not nearly as adventurous as my husband and his friends, so I brought along my camera and documented their good-natured racing.

Northeastern Nevada
Northeastern Nevada


This was also one of my first experiences with Lightroom, and I certainly had a lot of fun with it.


Nevada truly is a different world, and it provides such great opportunities for photography if you only look!1553412_2250262898084_543871685_o


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